31. 5. 2013

Dough proofing fascination / Zaujetí kynutým těstem

It all started with the re-discovery of our bread machine and an unbearable craving for home-made "buchty" (something like sugar buns but with various kinds of filling, the most surprising being the poppy seed filling:-). I had never made those so I decided to take it easy and start with some buns and things I considered hard to spoil.
The recipe is very easy, no need to knead anything, your bread maching does all that, you just have to sit (or, in my case, do about a zillion other things) and wait for the beep. I would love to remember and quote the original recipe that had inspired me, but I cannot find it anymore. The fact is that I slightly changed it after trying out different types of flours.You will need this for the dough and put it in the machine in the given order:
250 ml water (I use 1 full Ikea kids beaker)
1 egg
2 tablespoons of oil
a pinch of salt
200 g of fine flour
300 g of semi-coarse flour (if you don´t have the 3 types of flour, then go with your typical one and do the whole amout in it. Just not the self-rising type!:-)
1-2 tablespoons of sugar for the buns (I put just one, just enough for the yeast to start working)
2 more tablespoons of sugar for the sweet Buchty
1/3 of the freash yeast or a packet of dried yeast

After the dough is ready, it will be almost crawling out of the machine, you just need to press it down with your fist (it will go "pshooo" and kind of loose its volume). Then get it out on wherever you are planing to work with it and shape it any way you like. Smaller shapes seem to work better, though I have tried two loaves, even one giant loaf, but they tend to be too crumble-y and just didn´t really work for us. But any sort of buns, pretzels, rolls and such will come out great. 
When you are done shaping, cover your creations with a clean dishcloth and let proof for about 30 minutes. Preheat your oven on 180°C and bake till they are slightly browninsh on top and sound hollow when you knock on them. I also check with a long toothpick and when it comes out clean, we´re all done!

Later on, as I figured I knew what I was doing, I started adding some herbs to the dough, like oregano, basil, or substituted the regular oil with olive oil for more fun and next thing you know - the brioches came around:-) More in the next post!

This is a pretzel cut in half

Some of our funky rolls (can you spot the one my toddler made?:-)(actually there are three but that one really stands out:-)

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